Nick Jones - Human Centred Design Capability Lead at IAG

Nick Jones - Human Centred Design Capability Lead at IAG



Nick is currently Human Centred Design Capability Lead at IAG which involves using design thinking to build the individual and organisational capabilities that will help meet current and future needs.

Nick’s career has been about helping organisations find solutions to challenging questions. He has over 30 years experience working with business, government and community and is well versed in research and design tools and models that deepen understanding of customers’ and employees’ needs and finding ways to meet them.

He has worked at IAG for over 8 years, spent 4 years in sustainability and community consultancy and 16 years at Nielsen.

He has led or supported the development of new and innovative approaches to understanding customer and employee needs, advocates for community-led strategies and sustainable business practice and gives back through volunteering, sports coaching and board memberships.

Nick’s other connection with Post Transition’s work is his eldest son is in active service with the RNZAF.

“As business faces the challenges of an increasingly complex world, the opportunity for us to learn how to manage ourselves and our teams in this complexity is crucial for our future success.”