Post Transition Ltd

about us

Jenny Martin and Willie Apiata VC have established Post Transition Ltd to address and support the many challenges faced by those transitioning from uniform to civilian life. Post Transition Ltd is a social enterprise highlighting the social value of service personnel to workplaces and companies. It will walk shoulder to shoulder with them from their final days in uniform through to completion of their first year in a new career.

Jenny and Willie acknowledge the privilege of working with people that have served our country and who have in many cases risked their lives to ensure the safety of others.

Willie is New Zealand's only living recipient of the Victoria Cross. An award that in itself is a beacon of diversity and inclusion. HRH Queen Victoria wanted to recognise acts of valour, bravery and selflessness of any ranked service person of the Commonwealth armed forces, not just the officer's and above, as had been the case prior. And herein lays the spirit of recognition. Not just of an act or service but of the contribution and value of the individual, not just the command chain.

Following 15 years in recruitment, Jenny is now resolute in her goal of having the experience and capability of ex-service personnel truly recognised. Transitioners have developed tool kits that can only be imagined, however they may face barriers and Post Transition will work to secure their future pathway.

Although Willie and Jenny's stories are very different they do have significant similarities. Post Transition was born out of determined efforts to share their learnings to support, motivate and encourage others as they transition.

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Our mission is simple. We are walking shoulder to shoulder with every man and womAn, that has given their today for our tomorrow, as they transition to civilian life.  We are here serving you.



What’s in a name? ‘Post’ is simple, yet remarkably powerful. Four letters, one syllable. Impactful yet memorable.

It signifies strength, resilience, support. It is something that props others up.

It captures the concept of ‘after'. Not today, but the promise of tomorrow and beyond.

It is a place to go, a place to belong and to do what you’re great at.

With it we acknowledge and honour something sacred.  Something of meaning. Reinforcing the history of The Last Post and the bugle.